photoluminescent table

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Woodworkers often throw out wood with pits, holes, or other imperfections because those imperfections make the material difficult to work with. Pecky cypress is an exception, and DIYer Mike Warren used the lovely pits in the unusual wood to make a table that literally glows.

glowing table

Pecky cypress comes from cypress trees that have been naturally damaged by a fungal infection. The infection results in uniquely-shaped voids in the wood, making pecky cypress a sought-after material for unusual projects.

Mike Warren cleaned the rotten wood out of the voids in his pecky cypress wood and filled them with a mixture of clear resin and photoluminescent powder. The glow powder soaks up sunlight during the day, and in darkness or low light it glimmers a soft, cool blue.

diy glowing dining table

The finished product is truly stunning and could be made in different sizes to suit different spaces. If you’re motivated enough to make a glowing table of your own, Warren posted very informative step-by-step instructions on Instructables.