Home remodeling TV shows have gotten pretty popular in recent years, and the best part is always the reveal: the part of the show when the before and after pictures are shown side by side. Texas interior designers The Design Firm offers that kind of satisfying comparison on their website, which can serve as inspiration for all aspiring redecorators.

The “before” pictures usually show rooms that are in good shape and not entirely without style, but the “after” pictures show interior design that has totally transformed the spaces.

From large, grand rooms to small and somewhat cramped chambers, the before and afters show that well-planned design can change any space for the better.

Accessories and fixtures make a big difference, but in many of the spaces the most noticeable change is just in the arrangement of the furniture. This simple trick can be used at home by absolutely anyone, even if you have no design background.

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The important thing in any DIY redecorating project is figuring out how to best utilize the space that you have. Since you (probably) can’t change the shape and size of your room, the secret is to use the existing space effectively.