two drawers past and future calendar
Remembering the past and looking forward to the future tend to obscure our enjoyment of the present. The Past & Future Calendar from Bitri is a desk calendar that gives the past, present, and future their own distinct places in our lives.
wooden desk calendar
Far different from any other desk calendar, the Past & Future is a wooden box with two drawers. One is labeled “Past” and the other “Future.” In the middle of the box’s top is where the present lies.
past and future
Inside the drawers, loose-leaf sheets of paper display one date each. They all begin in the “Future” drawer. When you begin your day, you remove that day’s paper from the drawer and place it on top of the box. There, it sits between “Past” and “Future.”
Future drawer

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As the day ends, that day’s paper is moved to the “Past” drawer. It is a rather poetic way to end each day, physically removing the day from your present and leaving it in your past.