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It seems sometimes like design is spinning out of control, like a broken compass forever searching for some distant magnetic north. Take a deep breath, relax, turn off your car engine and shut down the distracting voice of your vehicle GPS. Really, how does that thing not drive you mad (pun intended)?

Designed for auto or pedestrian purposes, Francisco Lindoro and Regimantas Vegele have created a much simpler device that uses lights to point you in the right direction – a kind of cross between a classic magnet-driven compass and a contemporary global positioning system.

A series of LED lighting elements show you where to go through a combination of binary (on and off) signals and gradient colors – a much more soothing, easy-to-understand and universal way of denoting direction and taking you to your destination without excessive sounds or visuals. The simple, round disc contains plenty of data, but does not distract the user by providing more than the bare necessities of navigation.