The future of cars is electric, and the DeLorean Motor Company wants to be a part of that future. The company recently added a pair of new electric additions to their already stacked line of sleek cars.

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Beginning with the 2024 Alpha5 Plasmatail, a DeLorean DMC 12 that takes the company’s Back to the Future star to the next level, the company’s newest electric model is even more impressive, with a purposefully over-the-top Robocop allure. Dubbed the Omega 2040, the concept envisions an uncertain future not only dominated by electric cars, but one where an increasingly harsh and rugged landscape necessitates a pivot from purely style to form and (more importantly) function.

Rear view rendering of DeLorean's Omega 2040 EV concept.

Described by DeLorean as taking its inspiration from “Baja-themed off-road racing,” the Omega 2040 looks more like an all-terrain vehicle at first glance than it does the DeLorean you know and love. With its high, lifted body and jumbo wheels, the EV looks ready to jump into a Mad Max-level wasteland fully charged and ready to rumble.

Side view rendering of DeLorean's Omega 2040 EV concept.

Front view rendering of DeLorean's Omega 2040 EV concept.

Known for delivering forward-thinking car concepts for over 40 years, the DeLorean Company certainly knows how to deliver when it comes to creating vehicles that even now look futuristic. A somewhat iconoclastic model that toes the line between sleek, polished virtuosity and rugged off-road appeal, the Omega 2040 is an aesthetic hybrid of sorts. Smooth, aerodynamic lines suggest an EV built for stylish speed and quasi-coupe design, while the highly-stacked body and monster truck wheels show that the car is a lot more than just good looks. Add in DeLorean’s distinctive gull-wing doors that so impressed Marty McFly, and the vision is complete: an impressive minimalist construction built for both speed and style, destined to navigate a post-apocalyptic world with aplomb.

DeLorean's Omega 2040 EV concept is rugged and built to survive anything.

According to DeLorean, the Omega represents a “complete departure from traditional automotive design,” and just one look is enough for any aspiring auto aficionado to see that this dynamic EV is not cut from the same cloth as its contemporaries. Ready to ride into the uncertain future ahead, the all-electric DeLorean Omega 2040 will undoubtedly navigate the roadways of the future with both LED-lit style and all-terrain, off-road ruggedness.