bamboo bathroom scale

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Bamboo is a remarkably versatile material; it can be used in everything from building homes to making drawing paper. In the case of designers Lei Shi and Yujie Hong, it is also useful as a measuring tool. The design duo’s conceptual project Bamboo Scale replaces the traditional mechanical or electronic bathroom scale with a device that is natural, beautiful, and simple.

simple bamboo bathroom scale

The Bamboo Scale is made of a single piece of the flexible material, folded over into an oval shape and with a tab portion of the top end fitting through a slot portion on the bottom side. Weights are clearly marked on the tab. As you step onto the top of the scale, the numbers tab is pushed lower until it settles on your weight.

minimal bamboo scale

According to the designers, the natural qualities of the bamboo make it perfect for this application. Although we aren’t sure about the science behind the invention, or whether such a thin piece of bamboo would support the weight of the average adult human, it is certainly more attractive and minimal than the plastic and metal contraptions we’ve been using.