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Cutting vegetables in the kitchen can be a messy experience no matter how careful you are. Getting those chopped veggies from cutting board to bowl or pan is a balancing act that always seems to end with a few carrots or onions on the floor.

boardbowl folding cutting board

cutting board folding design

Product Tank’s Boardbowl is an ingenious solution that mimics those flexible silicon cutting boards, with one difference: one end is completely closed, meaning that you can simply chop your veg and then fold up one end. Carry the (unfortunately) dustpan-shaped device over to its destination without fear of your meticulously sliced food slipping away.

scoop cutting board

folding cutting board

The clever mechanism lets the board lie flat while you’re working, then fold it up using just one hand to put your freshly-cut food where it belongs. It stores flat, taking up no more space than any other cutting board.