Cube 6 stools

Seating demand in a residential setting tends to vary dramatically depending on the day – most of the time two or four chairs may be enough, but when a half-dozen friends stop by, it can be nice to have some easy-to-free seats ready to unroll.

Nesting cube stool

Enclosed in this cube – which could serve as a side table itself – by Naho Matsuno are a series of birch plywood and maple seats. The stools themselves are very simple, yet each one is slightly different owing to the way in which they must slot together within the box in closed position.

That gives them a bit of extra personality, though, doesn’t it? Like seating for the (six) dwarves.

Cube stool set

The only question is: once you take it all apart, will you need to get your guests to help puzzle it back together at the end of the night?

If so, you may want to check out this three-seat variant, which could also prove to be a bit more robust as well. Perfect for those who don’t require quite as much extra seating, it seems like it would also be a lot easier to reassemble at the end of the night. Especially if alcohol is involved.

nesting three seat variant

Matsuno first unveiled this project at the Salone Satellite at the Milan furniture fair, where it got a lot of attention.

About designer Naho Matsuno:

“Born in Osaka in 1981. Graduated from the Department of Design and Design, Tohoku University of Art & Design in 2004. Studied at the Swedish National University of Arts and Crafts Design University in the same year. Graduated from Tohoku Art Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Arts and Engineering. After working at the same department as the product design department, the design office, the furniture maker etc. Emigrated to Oita Prefecture in 2015. Work on a wide range of products and graphics.”