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Does “camping” make you think of that leaky tent you had when you went on an overnight with the Boy Scouts? Or a freezing (or sweltering) family vacation where Mom and Dad argued about whose brilliant idea it was to sleep on bumpy, hard ground under canvas for fun? It may be time to think again.
An Irishman who loved to go camping with his wife, but hated being uncomfortable, decided to design the first thermally and acoustically insulated tent range: Crua Outdoors’ Thermo Tent. “Tired of waking up freezing in the middle of the night because their tent had insufficient insulation, he decided to do something about it and create a tent with higher-quality insulation for more comfortable temperatures and quieter sleeping conditions,” the company’s designers say.
The clever design means the Crua tent will either keep out heat and help you stay cool and comfortable, or it will conserve your warmth and provide a shield against the icy elements. “The secret? It’s got a double chamber,” the design team explain. “We’ve engineered an awesome inner compartment made of a three-layer blend of poly-cotton and high-density insulation. So no matter where you are, you stay wonderfully warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. And with unequaled toughness, it’s sturdy as hell.”
The acoustic insulation means less sleep disruption when those cute little birds begin their wake-up serenade at three in the morning, or that the noisy teens camped nearby won’t disturb you too much. One extra bonus of the insulation: It keeps the tent darker than most run-of-the-mill varieties. When the sun comes up at a ridiculously early hour and tries to nudge you awake, you’ll still be able to enjoy some sleep before your day’s adventures begin.
crua tent exterior
Crua tent interior
The Crua team can be confident in their claims that the company’s tents are tough yet comfortable—they do plenty of field-testing, and since they say it’s a great part of their job, we trust that they can sleep well inside. Want to take a test-sleep in your own Crua before buying one? You can! Crua’s guides will help you book a canoeing and hiking adventure in the Adirondacks to try it out in the wilds.
The toughness of the Crua family of tents is thanks to its special Dura-BreatheTFabric, which is super strong and tear-resistant, breathable (hopefully that cuts down on sweaty-hiking-boot condensation…), resistant to mildew and UV rays, and has a fire-retardant treatment. Additionally, the insulation uses patent-protected TTInsulateTM technology. (If you know your insulation, you’ll be impressed with these specs: 400g/m2 hollow fiber breathable insulation with an R-Value of 5.)
Crua tent interior
Crua has a variety of styles and sizes in its Thermo Tent range. The Crua Tri sleeps three and has a bedroom and also a three-foot porch. Plenty of screens also make it well-ventilated. Going camping with a crowd? Check out the Crua Loj, a model which has two bedrooms and sleeps up to six comfortably. It also has a “great room,” a five-foot porch area and an eight-foot awning.
large Crua tent

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