globe art glass doorknob

We pass by them all the time and lay our hands on them day in and day out but rarely notice the design of most door knobs or handles. These small pieces of home hardware have huge untapped potential to accent a space and add a decorative touch upon entering or exiting.

Colorful art glass doorknob

Some of these handmade art glass doorknob pieces by art glass specialists at Out of the Blue Design Studio are deeply colorful and could make or break an interior design. Others are playful and offbeat, ideal for a recreation room or already busy kitchen, bathroom or bedroom design.

custom artistic stars doorknob

Whether toned down or eccentric, these expert designers almost certainly have something that would work for your doors, cabinetry or shower handle. However, they are also available to create custom door knobs should none of these fit the form or function you are looking for. One thing is for sure: they’re all incredibly creative, and a lot cooler than what you’ll find at Home Depot.

selection of unusual glass doorknobs

“With over 200 Art Glass doorknob designs to pick from, you will find just the right look to complement your home’s decor. Collaborating with some of the world’s most acclaimed Studio Glass artists, we are able to create these solid glass doorknobs that are truly museum quality and will become tomorrow’s heirlooms for generations to enjoy. Custom designs are welcomed to be commissioned.”

“You will need one of these Estate Collection Baldwin® locks to fit the doorknobs. All our knobs can be used inside or out. You need two doorknobs per door and can use matching or different designs on the same door. You can also do one side with a Baldwin metal knob to save some cost. The locks come in passage (like on a closet door) and privacy (like on a bathroom door). The locking button is in the rose. Our standard finishes for the shank portion are polished chrome, polished stainless, satin nickel and satin stainless. Other finishes available.”