It is one thing to design an outstanding modern home, but quite another to make a contemporary modernist design like this unique house also fit with a less modern neighborhood. This house is an excellent example of a structure built with its own strong sense of personal identity and modern functionalism but that also relates to its surroundings in a respectfully contextual way.
Seen from virtually any angle this house has something of a modernist aesthetic to offer, from abstract slits to asymmetrical facades. It is even constructed of concrete – unlike its 1920s brick-built adjacencies. Nonetheless, looked it with a broader lense it seems to fade into the background and below to the street wall of similar stand-alone buildings from another era.
Within the confines of the complex surrounding the structure, the ground plane is also extremely modern with repetitive wood laid out in two tones – a flat contrast to the vertical walls of the building itself. Inside, the home is dominated by white, wood and concrete, bringing together simple warmth and a small scale with modern surface treatments.

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