raindrops dish plate

Ernest Perera is an innovative designer with an eye for the elegantly practical. His self-drying plate design is, well, rather self-explanatory – but it addresses the age-old problem of the too-full dish rack. Sure, we would like to pretend we all dry our dishes right away or at least keep up with washing them enough to never fill the rack but reality is not always what we wish it to be.

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The raindrops plate, above, was “conceived for daily use of a single one that doesn’t need a drying dish rack.”

aurea dish rack

Another design problem with your typical drying process is the rack – it stands out like a sore thumb against a clean modern kitchen design and is not easy to tuck and store as needed. Perera’s system of flexible flat pack racks makes it easy to take out the ones you need for a particular occasion and then tuck them away when they are not in use. Plus, don’t these look better than your typical dish rack? (Check out some self-cleaning dishes, too.)

aurea flat pack dish rack

The set is called “AUREA.”

“At the same time serves as draining dishes. DELTA AWARD Selection 09. ADI-FAD. Barcelona.SPAIN. Winner of “La Découvertes” Maison Objet Fair 2008. Paris.”

perera cross light

Another clever design by Perera is the “CROSS” bathroom light.

“CROSS is designed to illuminate elegantly providing a well thought design that gives practicality and perfect lighting to the area of the bathroom mirror, consisting of two parts, one fixed and another movable.
A simple gesture allows us to turn this bathroom lamp into two complementary points of light that illuminate our face and facilitate everyday actions, such as shaving or makeup.”

Hot Dogs stool
hot dogs stool slit for feet

“HOT DOGS,” meanwhile, is a stool with a curious furry slit that you probably don’t want to put your hand into – given that many feet might have already rubbed their sweaty essence around inside.

“To have your feet warm. To keep a journal. For seating. To hide secrets.
To support the feet.”