Like something found 20,000 leagues under the sea or set in the center of the planet, this dazzling house design by Senosiain Arquitectos was patterned after a shell – as if you could not tell. Imagine for a moment being one of the two children being raised in this structure, a fairy tale wonderland of architectural and interior design delights.
Constructed from a durable combination of steel wire and special super-thick concrete, this home is as strong as it is strange – able to withstand and earthquake and incredibly low-maintenance structurally.
Inside the home, the odd forms of the exterior continue to wrap through and connect each space. The interior feels much like it could be outside, filled with plant life, organic pattens and winding stone paths.

The only real question is whether or not this is a livable space. It is certainly fascinating, absolutely cozy, brilliantly creative and highly original but only time will tell if it can be a home as well as an amazing house.