Multi wick candle design

There is really no reason a candle has to burn from top to bottom – that is simply a tradition we have based on the way candles are conventionally made. Inspired by a model of molecular structures, Christoph Van Bömmel created this innovative alternative candle design balancing between order and chaos.

Creative candle design

A single flame of this creative multi-wick candle starts the process. In turn, it ignites additional flames with up to five burning at one time and burning for up to five hours. Despite the repetitive nature of each copy of this candle, it is sufficiently complex that small variables effect the outcome of any given burn. In turn, this gives rise to varied patterns and burn rates that follow different processes with each product.

“A particular attraction lies in the development or definition of simple everyday products that can be given new content through the joy of experimentation, new materials and techniques,” says Van Bömmel. “For this reason, van Bömmel Studio is pleased to be able to develop emotional products around the candle market segment as a creative area for Engels Kerzen Manufaktur. For example, van Bömmel Studio has become an expert on the subject of traditional crafting processes, not just in the area of ​​living, table and candle culture.”

Multi flame candle by Christoph Van Bommel

“Van Bömmel Studio is a broad-based full-service agency, founded in 2006 by Christoph van Bömmel. Through the interdisciplinary creative team of 5 employees, which has grown over the years, we can guarantee that projects, from consultation to design and implementation, will become reality. The project size does not matter. We offer support from a small advertising flyer to a large trade fair appearance.  Our four focal areas of corporate, product, lighting and interior design work together perfectly to offer our customers holistic design consulting and execution. Our projects and clients are versatile. “

“Networking and proximity to our customers is important to us, as comprehensive support requires direct exchange.
In a personal conversation, the individual wishes, requirements and the possible framework of action are defined in order to jointly determine realistic process steps.  Design is more important today than ever. Companies are required to present themselves in multimedia and to differentiate themselves from their competitors through high-quality products. “