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For your next dinner party, skip the mixers and head straight to the produce aisle of the grocery store instead. Select some of your favorite fruits (or vegetables if you are feeling adventurous) and bring them home instead.

Like a classic rotate-and-pull corkscrew, the ‘ShotCarver’ device sublimely simple: apply pressure, twist and core out a shot-sized section of an apple, pear, perhaps even orange (though prepare for a mess) or watermelon (watch out for disappearing alcohol seeping inside).

Carve, pour, drink, then for good measure you can eat the chosen fruit after the fact – the more your have poured the more liquor is likely to have been soaked up into the item, so be careful how many swigs you take before you take a bite. Or if you have a large enough gathering on hand, you can dump an entire bottle of something upside down and intentionally let it permeate a large fruit from the inside out!