Trautwein Couple's Tub

Do you love the intimacy of bathing with your partner, but enjoy water of different temperatures? With this couple’s tub, you can enjoy both! The Couple Yin Yang Bath from Trautwein takes on the traditional yin yang shape, a sign of duality and completeness.

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Trautwein Couple's tub

The tub is a unique way for couples to spend relaxing time together. It features bubble jets, underwater speakers, and colored underwater lights to enhance the relaxation factor. The thin ledge between the two tubs allows each side to adjust its own settings independently, perfecting the experience for each bather.

The tub is akin to the beds that allow each side to attain a different firmness or temperature. Although couples in committed relationships typically share some of the same interests and desires, there are inevitably some differences. The Yin Yang tub could actually be a lifesaver for those couples who can’t agree on much other than their love of spending time together.


More from the designers

“This new bath tub offers the possibility of bathing together, yet separately. The form of the tub is reminiscent of the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang, which expresses the constant change of the opposites. The tub edge is drawn down in the middle so that the common bathing experience can be intensified.”


“A particularly profound experience of well-being is created by the integrated soundwave massage. The guests are bathing directly in the loudspeaker, enjoying the excellent sound quality and feeling the musical vibrations in every fibre of their body. Regenerating color light in all rainbow colors is enveloping the bather’s body.”

“The Yin Yang provides a massage for two guests with 120 water and air nozzles at the same time. Most finely whirling air and water swirls of the surge bath bring about relaxation, recovery and new power. With the the Hydroxeur® principle, the air is admixed incomparably intense and is stored in the water for minutes (champagne effect).”