Sick of losing things in between the seat cushions? As much a giant mutant backpack as a piece of multi-functional living room furniture, this design concept blends the best storage elements of a travel pack with the comfort of a conventional love seat. Biggest backpack or smallest sofa in the world? A bit of both.

Unsurprisingly, this produce is a piece of collaborative design between a backpack company (EastPack) and a furniture design firm (Quinze & Milan). It is upholstered in strongly-colored, heavy-duty fabric with zippers, handles, straps and everything else you would expect from your standard vacation gear. Inverting the hidden multi-functionality of your typical hide-a-bed or futon design, everything this sofa has to offer is right out in the open.

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For those who love the nature-loving aesthetics of high-end eco-gear, these shapes, styles and textures will look and feel comfortably familiar. Better yet, they have neat niches of all sorts in which to store your favorite books, magazines, computers, remotes and other household gadgets. For sectional sofa fans, there is also going to be a side chair to sit in – one that will fit snugly next to your super-sized hybrid backpack/couch.