cool mosquito trap

Mosquitoes and humidity may be regional but heat impacts most places during the summer season to one degree (no pun intended) or another. For those folks in states like Minnesota where the weather is worst in the upcoming months, here are two do-it-yourself projects that might be a perfect way to take the edge off.

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DIY bug trap
Low tech DIY mosquito trap

First comes the Sketterbag – a natural, easy, cheap and chemical-free ‘green’ alternative trap to standard (often toxic) mosquito-control designs. It basically consists of bug netting custom cut to fit on the end of a box fan – you can buy one or simply create your own variant with minimal work and tools.

As for the bait: that is where you (and/or your pets) come in – the bugs will naturally swarm around blood sources, so putting one around you (and/or your animals) offers maximum protection but also the most tempting target. Placing it near lights and openings between indoor and/or outdoor spaces can help as well.

DIY low tech air conditioner

Second, and somewhat more standard for any semi-warm-weather climate, there are a variety of ways to make your own DIY air conditioner. As this video illustrates, one simple variant involves some vinyl and copper tubing, an aquarium pump, box fan, zip ties, ice cooler, scissors and a box fan – all things you can easily find at your local hardware, drug and pet stores.

The fan blows against the copper (which keeps in the cold better than most materials), producing cool air while the pump recycles water from the cooler back into the system – repeat as needed! They may not be the epitome of high design, but both of these projects are great illustrations of how common household items can be re-purposed to serve functions that normally require a much more expensive commercial solution.

Projects like these ones prove that sometimes, going low tech is a better solution than trying to over-engineer a more complicated design.