upcycled wooden stools

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Anyone who has worked on anything in a wood shop knows that the sawdust goes everywhere and gets in everything, and at the end of the day all of those wood shavings and particles need to be gathered up and something has to be done with them – but what?

upcycling wood furniture ideas

Industrial designer Yoav Avinoam has created an incredibly low-tech do-it-yourself solution for upcycling all of this wooden excess into something simple but functional – a series of stools and a bench that require little work and even less precision to assemble.

upcycled wood stool design

The best part, of course, is that wood shavings are normally found in workshops where the few tools required to assemble such a piece of recycled furniture are readily available – some wood glue, a few clamps, excess boards, sticks or scraps for legs and you are ready to built your own.