diy modular tiles

Somewhere between a do-it-yourself textile kit and a make-your-own craft set, these small tiles can be assembled into anything from modest wall art and modular play forts to suspended light and sound barriers.

diy toy textile project

There is only one piece in this simple puzzle from Kvadrat: a single module that can be attached to infinite partners of the same shape, size and properties to create an ever-extending functional home furnishing or simply expressive artwork.

diy decor textile ideas

It is, in fact, this strange ‘in-between’ status of these tile modules that makes them so fascinating – they are not made to do something specific, but are also not without useful DIY project possibilities. Some pictures show people interacting with schematic projects or creating something playful and fun without instructions or a plan.

diy tile wall art

Other promotional photos show these off as art, hanging colorfully in blank white modern backdrops (spaces like museum rooms) or spread out on the floor and yet clearly made not to be stepped on.