curved sectional

Couches should be a lot more personalized than they are, don’t you think?

Our needs and spaces can be radically different from each other, yet standard seating for our living rooms tends to all look roughly the same, or at least occupy similar shapes and dimensions.

Long, straight couches simply aren’t always the best solution. If only it were a lot easier (and more affordable) to custom design our own living room seating in the exact configurations that we desire.

While this piece doesn’t exactly hit all of the ideal characteristics of a custom designed couch, it’s closer than we usually get, and pretty nice looking to boot.

custom modular sofa design

Like a life-sized LEGO or tinker-toy set, this do-it-yourself modern sectional lets you wrap and twist one, two, three or more modules together in all kinds of clever and unique formations to suit any living or dining room space (and double as a sleeper as well).

Unlike many of its contemporary equivalents every part of these pieces comes into play, from the fronts and backs to the back rests and legs – arm supports morph into leaning surfaces and transform back again. Bright-colored accent pieces (ottomans and other accessories) can be set up to contrast with the stark whites and blacks or mellow grays and browns of the main sofa elements.

customizable sectional

One could even imagine cool modular configurations in which the whole snake-like couch form stretches from one room into the next, connecting people across various rooms during parties or even for everyday use depending upon the particular plan and layout of a home and its existing furnishings. Forget one-piece, two-piece or three-piece variants – really, one of these could go on forever.

If only there were options that were smaller than this, coming in all different kinds of shapes and sizes – preferably modular, for ultimate customization ability – our living spaces could be a whole lot more comfortable and functional.