coloring crayon rings

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The pivotal creation in question fun, whimsical and a sure-fire hit on the open market – cast coloring-crayon rings that let the wearer draw wherever they go in any one of a number of colors or combinations. A child’s toy, perhaps, but a great and easy-to-understand accessory.

coloring rings design

Beyond these colorful ring designs, however, he has experimented with other curious castings and colored object hybrids. The above stool is the product of various pieces of ‘found’ household tools cemented in place and flipped to form a simple stool that shows its origins.

creative furniture design

This chair is a critique of the increasingly ‘health-conscious’ public. Do we take notions of hygiene too far? What would you think were you to find a public seat with a paper roll designed to let you clean the slate from whoever had sat in the same furniture before you?