portable modular induction cooktop
A 2013 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award winner, the CookPlat is a brilliant cooking surface that can be customized to your needs. The vitroceramic induction cooker is composed of three modular segments which can be put together and taken apart as desired.
induction cooktop
Rather than radiant heat, which wastes tons of energy, the CookPlat uses a magnetic field to heat the cooking surface. Three burners of different sizes can be used separately or plugged in together to create a larger cooking area. The on/off switches are touch-activated to keep the cook surfaces smooth and clutter-free.
modular plug and play cooktop
Whether used with one, two, or all three modules, the CookPlat plugs into a standard outlet for power. Since it’s lightweight and portable, it can be used basically anywhere that electricity can be found: camping, in a lab, in the office, or in a tiny kitchen-less apartment. The power plugs fold in when not in use to make the modules safe to carry.

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The most impressive aspect of the design might be its fully waterproof technology. This feature lets the cooktop surfaces go right into the dishwasher. This alone could sell the CookPlat to college students and lazy cooks around the world. There’s no word on whether the design will ever be produced, but if it is it will no doubt become a staple appliance in small homes.