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Prefab homes are quickly becoming a viable option for everyday living. By designing houses with innovative architectural structures and sustainable features, companies like Coodo are making it easier to own an environmentally friendly living space without having to commit to one location. The company’s “Coodo 64” model, approximately 720 square feet in size, was first installed in Bielefeld, Germany, and features sleek fixtures, smart installations, and a modern exterior.

About Coodo

Coodo Interior from the deck

The Coodo is a sturdy and transportable pod constructed from heavy glass. From the outset of the project, its designers knew that they wanted to combine modernity and practicality in a single minimalist unit. Architect Mark Dare Schmiedel devised this concept in response to his improved well-being after moving from the heart of a bustling city to a peaceful riverside. As a result of his experiences, Schmiedel began looking for a way to share his newfound mobility and positivity with others. So, he conceived of the Coodo: a fully functional space that retains all the comforts of a home while being portable enough to place almost anywhere in the world for your scenic enjoyment.

If you ever get the sudden urge to move, you and your Coodo can be in a new city in just a couple of hours. You don’t have to limit yourself to relocating once or twice, either. Using standard container trucks, the Coodo can be repositioned almost infinitely. Eventually, the company hopes to release “Coodo 9, ” a smaller unit consisting of just one room. Coodo 9 would be even easier to transport than the current models and would make for the ideal office, vending booth, studio, or sauna.

Cost and Available Features

Coodo Interior

Since it doesn’t require a lot of materials to produce, the Coodo is extremely cost-effective during construction. There are currently nine designs to choose from, including the original Coodo 64, the Coodo 64Up (which includes a second floor), the Watercoodo, and the Icon. The company has even started making an “Eventcoodo” for restaurant, bar, and lounge spaces. The cost of each model varies depending on the features you request. Installation is quick, easy, and has a minimal impact on the environment.

All heating, cooling and power systems are all concealed within the walls, floor and ceiling of the unit to maintain a sleek appearance. You decide what colors and fabrics to incorporate upon ordering. The architects then create this custom space for you to make your housing transition as seamless as possible. As a Coodo client, you own the prefab and rent the land it is installed on.

Reasons to Buy

Coodo Exterior - Beach view

If you’re looking for a place to reside within the boundless walls of nature, the Coodo is absolutely for you. Plus, it’s the only form of nature-immersed housing that also offers the luxuries of city life. Each unit is sturdy, energy conscious, and weatherproof—making them sustainable and reliable residences. If you’re not interested in moving out of your current house, why not set up a Coodo in one of your favorite travel spots? You’ll never have to pay for hotels again. If you crave an adventure, seek thrills outside the confines of the city, want to reduce your carbon footprint, or just want a chance at stress-free living, then the Coodo is the salvation you’ve been looking for.