modern contemporary home design

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Modernism as a movement was notorious for impersonal geometric design, concrete and steel ‘object buildings’ set without consideration onto a site. While distinctly modernist in terms of its design and materials, this house design also integrates its surroundings and fits in well with the associated garden and pool designs.

modern open floor plan

In many ways, this home is not so much a contemporary reinterpretation of modernism as it is a return to modern ideals of simplicity, openness and structural minimalism. Open floor plans and expansive windows allow residents flexible interior spaces and clear views of the outside, unobstructed by structural elements.

modern concrete wood home

The semi-exterior swimming pool, outdoor living areas and modern garden spaces manage to make the home seem part of the landscape as well as a distinct set of wood and concrete volumes. Regardless of his intentions, Isay Weinfeld clearly has a contemporary sense of what historical Modernism was all about.