garden shed recycled trailer

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Old trailers left at construction sites more often than not end up as rusting eyesores, forgotten until they are finally disposed of. This abandoned trailer, however, was rescued and transformed into a truly lovely backyard escape.

recycled abandoned trailer

A family in Belgium bought the trailer from the local government for a mere €15 ($20 US), but it was not until designer Karel Verstraeten was asked for a redesign plan it that it became a truly beautiful part of the family’s land.

port hole window

The family all pitched in on the project. They clad the exterior in strips of oak and added a domed window to one end of the trailer, giving a unique fishbowl-type view from the trailer.

low seat trailer layout

Inside, curved plywood smoothly covers every surface of the interior. Four wooden rails run the length of the trailer, allowing for a great deal of customization. Pieces of wood can be slid onto these rails to create storage, seating, a desk, or a bed.

high desk setup

The layout of the trailer can be changed to suit whatever activity the couple and their two children are engaged in at the time. It’s a quiet study spot, a clubhouse, a guest house, and more.

floorplan garden trailer

The family’s goal in beginning the project was to create a comfortable place for their children to relax and play. The finished trailer is a beautiful addition to the pastoral setting, blending in with nature and providing exactly the functions that the parents wanted for their kids.