Having a pet is rewarding, but it’s also a lot of hard work. If you aren’t the nurturing type or just don’t have time for a pet, the Companion stool could be a suitable, if somewhat less friendly, alternative.
The first product from newly-launched Danish design firm Phillip Grass, the Companion stools come in two styles: the cheeky little guy with his “head” resting on his “hands” and the Companion 4 Legs which sort of resembles a friendly dog.
The name, of course, comes from the fact that the stools’ anthropomorphic appearance. With their multiple limbs and single eyes, the stools give the impression of being friendly. This, in all honesty, may make them a little awkward to sit on.
Luckily, the stools can also be used as little side tables or as quirky little sculptures in the home. Place one on its own as a statement piece, or group them together to form your own little colony of happy alien stools.

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Each Companion stool is made of powdercoated steel tubes for the base and clear-coated oak, beech, or sipo mahogany. The eyes are made of hand-turned wood and paint. If you happen to be in Copenhagen, you can stop into the designer’s showroom with an appointment to see the creative little stools in person.