Lauren Milroy is an industrial designer who embodies both concepts implied in the phrase: she has a mechanical engineering background as well as an interest in the art and design of everyday objects, “the relationship between people and the things they own.” Perhaps her most impressive (if impractical) fashion design to date is her concept for coloring pencils converted into footwear – talk about leaving a mark and creating a lasting impression.

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Aside from her strange-yet-compelling color pencil shoes she has worked on a number of one off artistic accessories and installation art designs that take typical objects and add a twist to make them fresh, new and engaging. Examples (pictured above) include a standard baseball cap with an added pocket, a belt designed to fit a single and changeable polaroid photograph, a green-growing planeter-and-necklace combination and a collection of everyday objects sorted by color into jars, possibly her most artistic but still compellingly organized piece.