folding poster lampshades

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A colorful, kitschy poster on your wall is a pretty great addition to any room – but a colorful, kitschy poster that you can take down and fold into something functional? Even better. Austrian design collective mostlikely teamed up with artist BOICUT to make posters that are easily made into colorful lampshades.

mostlikely transforming posters

The group set out to create complex designer objects that could be shipped anywhere in the world without exorbitant shipping costs. Indeed, the poster/shades arrive in a regular cardboard tube. After you unfurl the treasure, you can decide whether to display it on the wall or cut it up and glue it together to create a unique animal-themed lampshade.

toy and totem pole poster lampshades

The shades take only basic origami and gluing skills to assemble. When they are put together, you aren’t limited to using them simply for shielding your lamps. The designers suggest that you can stack several to make custom (and adorable!) totem poles, wear them as masks, or simply use them as toys or stand-alone decorations.