color changing ceiling shower
Ever see those pictures of perfectly pristine, clean and organized modern bathrooms and wonder if anyone actually lives like that? While this shower is a cool concept fixture, the design seems to leave out the functionally necesary floor-to-ceiling curtain – along with hooks, rails and rods – and it looks doubtful that the standard 84-inch type will do the trick.
colorful shower and basin
Created by Antonio Lupi to be (almost magically) minimalist, a simple square or rectangle ceilings-suspended shower head lets out a broad rainwater-style stream of water designed to drop down into the abstract curved standing basin below. Shifting colors through soothing hues of green, red, yellow, purple and blue, the experience indeed looks mystical and enticing – but seriously: something needs to be done with all of the splashed-off water.
colorful ceiling shower

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That detail aside, they do offer some equally compelling and colorful shower designs that include room for curtains, built-in doors or other splash-proof enclosures to make them practical as well as aesthetically pleasing and physically enjoyable.