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Love the great outdoors but get tired of schlepping all that gear? Well, if you’re a kayaker, things are about to get easier. Pakayak is a cool collapsible kayak that goes from a sea-worthy boat to a three-and-a-half-foot package you can carry on your back or stuff in your trunk.

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You can even check it as luggage if you’re flying. And of course when you return home from your exciting paddling adventures, you’ll be happy to stash your kayak in the closet or under a bed or table–no garage or storage unit required.

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The sectional 14-foot sea or touring kayak is made of hard plastic just like a traditional kayak, so you won’t notice any difference when you hit the water, and the design team swear it’s easy to assemble and then pack up, as they demonstrate in the video below. Thankfully there are no loose pieces to contend with. (Looks less complicated than assembling a certain Scandinavian line of furniture, ahem.)

The secret to keeping your vessel seaworthy and your feet dry? Pakayak’s patented four-point clamp system secures the sections and gives a watertight seal you can rely on. We’ll let the boat-builders themselves explain further: “We want you to enjoy a lifetime of worry-free paddling, so we designed the Pakayak to exceed all of our requirements for strength, watertightness and product life.

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“Each of the sections of our Pakayak connect with a tongue and groove interlocking shape that compresses a silicone gasket to insure a watertight, dry boat, and each tongue and groove intersection acts as a bulkhead to increase the hull strength at the connecting seams.”

An important part of the Pakayak philosophy is helping to preserve the beauty of nature that kayakers experience on the water, and a portion of the company’s revenue will be donated to ocean preservation efforts.

Another interesting feature of the business lets customers get involved in the environmental mission in a very personal way. “Each Pakayak model will be named after an endangered marine animal or fish with a percentage of profit from each sale going toward efforts to save that particular species,” the team explain. “Each Pakayak owner will receive information regarding the status of the named species and a way to follow its progress.”

The Pakayak is available for preorder, with delivery scheduled for early 2017.

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Closer to home, the Pakayak production model includes responsible sourcing, innovative design, efficient operations and safe working environments. “We also manufacture, assemble and ship from one location which keeps our fuel consumption and carbon foot print lower,” the designers say, and “All Pakayaks will be shipped in efficient, minimal recycled packaging.”

They promise to manufacture Pakayaks from post-consumer plastics when possible, and the company says it will work with entrepreneurs developing innovative processes using recycled plastics. “We hope to have a model in the near future that will be constructed of 100-percent post-consumer plastics or even plastic substitutes,” they say.