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Everyone experiences it: that treacherous balancing act as one retrieves cups of coffee to-go for friends, family or coworkers from the coffee shop. Of course, it isn’t just the coffee – everyone wants something else as well to put in their coffee, which is where this simple-but-brilliant industrial design idea comes in.


This coffee lid is clever not simply because of what it does, but also due to the fact that it is made of the same basic materials and uses existing construction processes that are already part of the production of the items that they are intended to replace. In short: they are not a giant leap, but a highly useful small design step.


While you might not want to serve something exactly like this to your guests at home, it does bring to mind certain similar design ideas or directions that could be implemented in a domestic situation. After all, serving a number of visitors can be equally taxing with the individual demands of each person.