Many an urban resident has entertained guests around their bed in a studio apartment. It’s a little awkward, but you do what you have to do to enjoy all the perks of the city. And when you live in a vibrant metropolis like New York, Tokyo, or Madrid, the trade-off is often worthwhile.

The Ori Cloud Bed descends seamlessly over the living area.

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But you know what makes studio apartments so much more livable? Transforming furniture. Nothing short of living like a monk makes quite the same impact. It can be as simple as a table that folds up against a wall or a good old classic Murphy bed. But imagine how much easier it would be to transition from day to night if your bedroom was basically whisked out of the way to reveal a living room whenever you needed it.

The “Cloud Bed” by Ori does just that. So effortlessly does the entire bed glide up into the ceiling by day, it almost feels like magic. You wave your wand —or, in reality, press a button on your phone — and your furniture shifts in response to your whims. That’s it. You don’t have to take off all the bedding and put it away somewhere. In fact, you don’t have to physically move anything at all.

The unit consists of an upper cabinet that hugs the ceiling and contains the bed when it’s not in use, tracks that run along the wall, the bed itself, and an entire living room underneath. When the bed glides down, it fits snugly within the body of the sofa, and it can even rest directly on top of the coffee table. The arms of the sofa become dual bedside tables, and two pull-out drawers beneath the couch offer storage for things like linens and clothing.

Ori Cloud Bed

Built-in dimmable LED lighting lets you set the mood for evening entertainment or a little reading before you go to sleep. Four built-in outlets make it easy to plug in your devices. The couch fits three people, and the bed comes in either king or queen size, with an eight-inch foam mattress included. It takes just 30 seconds to transition between bedroom and living room setups, and you control it using either the Ori app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

Ori Cloud Bed

Made of poplar laminate sourced from Spain as well as spruce bed slats and powder-coated carbon steel for the mechanical elements, the bed comes in a single contemporary light wood color. You can even set it to “lock mode” if you want to make sure no mischievous kids or accidental wake-words activate it to raise or lower unexpectedly. A continuous monitoring system watches for potential failures, and the firmware automatically stays up to date.

Ori Pocket Office

Ori Pocket Office

The Cloud Bed is just the latest brilliant space-saving furniture system from Ori. If you’re in the market for higher-end transforming furniture for studio apartments, you’re going to want to check out their Pocket Office, Pocket Closet, and Studio Suite Slim. The Pocket Office encloses an entire home office setup within what looks like an entertainment system when it’s not needed, and you just roll out the cabinet when you want to use it.

The Ori Cloud Bed tucks neatly into the ceiling for a clean, spacious feeling living area.

The Pocket Closet works similarly, instead hiding a whole walk-in closet worth of clothes, shoes, and accessories. And the Studio Suite Slim manages to fit all three of these functions into a single unit, making small homes far more adaptable than they’ve ever been.