tiny lamp design

Any designer knows that complexity is often inversely correlated with feasibility and at many times even functionality. Using just one laser-cut metal ring with two simple flat spokes, this simple design is eco-friendly for its efficiency and stylish in its simplicity – and it is just one work by an enigmatic and innovative industrial designer.

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unique fantasy lamp

The theme here is is minimal effort and minimalist aesthetics with maximum functional and visual effect. Adding just one, easy-to-make and highly portable element transforms a standard bare light-bulb-on-a-wire into a portable little lamp you can move around the room and point in different directions. This notion of of a simple twist to create something totally new is a theme found in much of the work of designer Vincent Olm, more of which is shown below.

unusual industrial product design

Other industrial design ideas by Olm for house and home include a flexible flat cork surface that, through a few wires, can be converted into a contemporary coffee table design held together in tension. Through patterned cuts, he has transformed a typical and simple round rug shape into myriad cross-crossing footprints that add dynamism and directionality to an otherwise static circle. Finally, his combination wallpaper-and-shelf design is both playful and functional, pealing away from the surface of the wall and wrapping up to support objects in a way contrary to our expectations of material form and function.

“Born in Belgium in 1979, Vincent C. Olm launched himself on his design adventure self-taught. Often quirky, his creations emanate from a crusade against moroseness: in a world saturated with objects, Vincent understands know to surprise and distract, even for an instant, using products with a calculated dose of humour, fantasy or poetry in their genetic make-up. Pared-down, his creations go straight to the essential whilst arousing an emotion, often ephemeral, but often renewed. “