Sports fans, movie lovers, and gamers never have to miss out on their favorite pastimes in order to grab a cold drink anymore, thanks to the Sobro coffee table and its built-in cold drawer.

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table set up in a contemporary living room, with its refrigerated drinks drawer pulled slightly open.

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This sleek table is packed full of helpful lifestyle hacks. Not only is its main drawer a refrigerator with an adjustable temperature range from 37 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit and lots space for ice-cold beverages, but it also has dual Bluetooth speakers on each side that can connect to your TV or smartphone. LED lights mounted underneath allow users to set the mood in a variety of flashy colors. It also has two USB charging ports and four standard electrical outlets on the side for charging laptops or other devices.

Close-up of the Sobro's smart coffee table's touchscreen control panel.

All of these cool features are controlled by a touchscreen panel on the table’s righthand corner. The panel can also change the volume and playback of music or show and customize the array of LED colors.

The Sobro coffee table has two additional drawers for remotes and other handy entertainment items. Its top is a tempered glass plate that allows light to reflect from all around the room, while the minimalist-style base comes in white, black, or wood finishes.

Graphic breaks down all the Sobro coffee table's smart features.

Setup is designed to be plug-and-play. Users simply have to screw in the table’s feet and connect the cold-drawer cord.

This coffee table revolution all started with an Indigogo campaign back in 2017 that raised over $1.6 million. Following that success, the New York-based company launched a second campaign for a Sobro Smart Side Table that garnered over $2 million and “broke crowdfunding records.”

Person pulls an ice-cold drink from the Sobro Smart Side Table.

The inspiration for the design came from observing today’s rapid pace of technological transformation. “Technology has changed over the past 20 years. These days we’re looking for quick solutions to solve our problems and ways to simplify our lives. This got us thinking, while everything around us has advanced, why hasn’t furniture? This is why we designed the Sobro coffee table: furniture reinvented for your modern lifestyle,” explains an official promo video.

“The Sobro team works from the ground up to develop innovative solutions for contemporary home life,” the company website says. “Every Sobro design starts by asking how we can improve and streamline the connected home. From there, we spend months tuning and refining the features of each product so it’s perfect.”

Laptop and coffee table books arranged along the top of the Sobro Smart coffee table, with its drawers slightly open.

The tricked-out party table went viral on TikTok last December during the height of the pandemic when @ritzypabla posted a video showing off her ultramodern drink and snack space, racking up an impressive 2.1 million views. it makes sense that consumers in lockdown would be enthralled with a piece of furniture that promised to make life at home a little more fun.

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table set up in a contemporary living room, with its refrigerated drinks drawer pulled slightly open.

The Sobro Coffee Table and Side Table are available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the U.S., fans can find them from retailers like Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. The MSRP is $1,499 for the coffee table and $899.99 for the side table, but most sites offer frequent deals for a few hundred less.