unique custom round tile idea

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A cheap-but-clever custom solution, using a penny as a floor tile makes a luxurious statement with ready-made pieces, but the legality of this alternate application by the Standard Hotel and Restaurant in New York City may be questionable.

unique penny tile design

Pennies are the notorious most useless part of American currency, so for the do-it-yourself folks this could work as a clever way to upcycle their dusty jars of these copper-coated discs by turning them into unique DIY tile with easy-to-design patterns.

unique glazed round tiles

This also makes you wonder: what else could be reuse into tile for your home floors or as other forms of surface material? Already there are manufacturers creating recycled glass countertops, but there must be a lot of other standardized waste or cheap leftovers that could be used in new ways to save you the time and effort of buying and installing standard tile.