Iri table lamp indoor campfire

Back when humans were little more than hairy newborns trying to figure out the world around them, fire was both a comfort and an essential life-giving force. As we as a species have matured, we’ve developed the convenience of electric lights but moved away from the warmth and familiarity of the fire. An indoor campfire isn’t exactly recommended for safety reasons, but this table lamp brings the vibe you’re looking for.

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Iri table lamp indoor campfire detail

The Iri lamp from Shift and Notwaste, a design company in Mexico, brings the campfire feeling indoors. Its shape is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the shape of a bonfire, with supporting sticks below and a flame-shaped top. The black rubber cords that run around three sides of the lamp dampen the light a bit to create a gentle, textured illumination not unlike that of a flickering fire.

Iri table lamp indoor campfire lit
Iri table lamp indoor campfire drawings

The natural materials used in the lamp’s construction give it a lovely traditional appeal. The modern construction method and single light bulb let the little lamp blend in with any decor, bringing just a bit of the outdoors in.

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“The Iri lamp is our most recent collaboration with Notwaste design. Notwaste is a brand whose premise resides in the responsible use of materials, predominantly OSB, and their mantra for “not wasting”. We believe this responsibility stems from a sense of purity, honesty and an environmental conscience, our connection with the natural world. Following the brand’s concept, we decided to tackle fire as a natural element and purest source of light. The result inherently became a lamp that explores the connection between man and nature. Iri is a reflection on man’s long history with the most basic and natural form of generating light: fire. Its design derives from a bonfire’s basic setup, the shape and form of a flame, but also echoes on the way we consume resources to create light and energy. Ultimately Iri combines Notwaste’s signature OSB and black rubber with modern technology and artistry to produce a simple yet thought provoking artifact.”