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Pattern recognition is the driving principle of this perplexing design idea – it looks like a mess of black lines on a white background up close, but your focus converges on the recognizable numerals within a chaotic landscape of senseless pieces.

The least-broken number tells you what you need to know on the hour side, while the rotating hand remains your guide to minutes. One comment here: reversing these might have been a good call – after all, we know time by the dial as fast or faster than we recognize it by a circle of numbers.

That small critique aside, however, the concept is quite creative and one could imagine being able to eventually read this better and faster than a normal wall clock – particularly interesting given that, at first, it looks like the most confusing time-telling device ever constructed.

At 2000 dollars, the ‘Shattered Clock‘ does not come cheap – but, to be fair, there are a lot of moving parts, and the design is unique (and expensive) enough you can bet you won’t find it on a friend’s wall anytime soon … assuming you can afford it in the first place!