Cave-like home with green roofs

What can an architect do for a client with an oddly-shaped small lot and a desire to have a lawn? Japanese architect Makiko Tsukada tackled the challenge and created a cave-like home with not one, but two green roofs. This lovely home in Kanagawa is known as the Grass Cave House. The twin grass rooftops provide natural climate control while bringing a bright bit of nature into the urban surroundings.

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Cave-like home with green roofs view in neighborhood

The small triangular lot is in clear view of a small grove of trees, but had no space for a lawn of its own. To remedy this situation and provide the owners with an enjoyable outdoor space, the architects built an elevated lawn that covers both the home’s roof and the overhanging roof of the garage. This bright green area represents the opening of a cave: bright, inviting, and at one with nature.

Cave-like home with green roofs grassy terrace

The interior of the home carries through with the representation of a cave. The sunlight-filled rooms at the front of the home are the common living areas. The home’s more private rooms are located at the back of the building where it is snug, cozy and completely protected from the outside world. The Grass Cave Home represents a happy union of urbanization and the natural world, combining the best of both to create a stunning home.

Cave-like home with green roofs minimalist black kitchen

More from the architects

“The interior space is a large wooden open space with a hollow core at the center. By manipulating the natural light, the distance to the street and the height difference with the street, the space becomes more private towards the back of the house. The central core directs natural light to the first-floor bathroom and its surroundings, while functioning as access to the roof and as a ventilation pipe. In addition, since it structurally bears a large portion of seismic forces, only 50mm thin pipes were required for pillars to support the garage roof with a floating lawn.”

Cave-like home with green roofs indoors

This building, which resembles an urbanized rich, green cave, maintains adequate distance from cities while enabling enjoyment of a fresh relationship with city or natural environments through the horizontal and vertical hollows where light enters.”