Bulldog lounge chairs colorful

Design duo Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen designed this big, soft, cuddly lounge chair for LoOok Industries. The Bulldog chair takes after its namesake in that it is large and lovable, a little goofy looking, and ultimately the most noticeable thing in the room.

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The colorful lounge chair is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation. Its low-slung, comma-shaped body and dramatically oversized arms swallow you up while you recline with a nice beverage during a long Netflix binge.

Bulldog lounge chairs neon

Although it’s reminiscent of kids’ furniture thanks to its soft lines and bright colors, the Bulldog is all about making a big visual impact. It pops no matter what surroundings it happens to be in. And if you’re not into neon, it does come in subtler hues, too, as well as leather upholstery.

Bulldog Lounge Chair profile

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“Bulldog is a big comfortable chair for cozy lounging. This soft little giant makes a statement in chill-out areas, lounges and other locations that need some spicing up. Lean back in this majestic creation with a drink in your hand and feel like royalty. Remember that sometimes, just sometimes, size matters.”

Bulldog lounge chair leather