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Desert conditions often call for unconventional solutions – this concept home certainly ventures off the beaten (sand) path in its attempt  to resolve the beauty of cracked-earth California with its harsh climate.

Titled after a dish of seaweed-rolled fish, one can see the source of inspiration in the shape. The idea is to use this cocoon to control light and deflect heat, with selective perforations in an otherwise-solid skin.

The shape unfurls to create decks on both the first and second levels. Glazed ends east and west allow beginning- and end-of-day sunlight to shine through into bedroom and office spaces during off hours.

“To sustain its challenging structural stance, a carbon fibre truss frame underneath the exterior material holds the entire architecture [together]. Hydraulic … doors and security system [are] used for [the] main entrance door, which allows [for] less spaces [needed] to operate the door mechanism.” Design by Christopher Daniel of Violent Volumes.