Some say caskets, others say coffins, but if death is the ultimate equalizer it may not matter to you once you are at the funeral home or lying six feet under – though before you go, it may be worth considering how stylish your (permanent) exist strategy is.

Contemporary German architect Gregor Darius Haiduk is the latest in a long line of countrymen (the Brother’s Grim come to mind) to have addressed topics deemed too morbid for some creative types: in this case, the creation of a vessel to be set in your final resting place.

Some of his works are simply abstract, while others hint at religious significant in an oblique way (suggesting the sign of the cross through the shapes of wooden cuts).

Still others, though, walk a fine line between meaningful and potentially distressing, depending on your disposition – such as this tadpole-shaped infant coffin and dolphin-shaped child coffin. Tasteful and appropriate, or a bit over the top?

Each container is made to order and comes colored with eco-friendly finishes that reveal natural wood grain as well as various modern paint colors – standard white-ironed fabrics inside. The handles are iron or copper, complimenting without detracting from the uniquely artistic cases they are designed to help people carry. In short: the art is not in the details, but in the overall form of these curious caskets.