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Rectilinear shelves make it easy to organize and display objects in a variety of shapes, but thinking outside the box (literally) can lead to visuals that are refreshingly unexpected. The ROOM collection by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho consists of pine modules with all sorts of cut-out shapes that can be stacked however you like, calling to mind a set of children’s wooden blocks.

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Stackable cut-out shelves ROOM Collection

The 25 stackable modules feature voids in the shapes of circles, ovals, triangles, arches, octagons and more. Fitting decorative objects into them is almost like a puzzle that challenges both aesthetic and practical considerations. Which shape shows off each object to the greatest effect?

The shapes inside each module are inspired by architecture and the shapes of certain objects they could hold, like rounded holes for bottles of wine and keyholes for small floral arrangements, but the options are only limited by the user’s imagination.

Stackable cut-out shelves ROOM Collection wood

The blocks can be stacked into a typical bookcase arrangement, or in sculptural compositions that make the resulting piece of furniture just as much of a decorative object as the items contained within. You can buy these pieces on 1stDibs.

“Room Collection is a shelving system, various geometric voids inspired by architecture and the objects they can hold. When all the elements of ROOM are combined it forms either a long shelf or a tall cabinet with a variety of different graphical compositions. ROOM allows each user to pick their favorite elements to build up your own composition as a shelf, a table or just as a sculpture.”

Stackable cut-out shelves ROOM Collection example

About the designer: “Studio Erik Olovsson is a Stockholm based design studio. It was founded 2013 and works within the fields of product, furniture and graphic design. Studio EO has a focus on improvisation and joining materials in new ways. The studio aims at having an intuitive and experimental starting point in the projects and works in a mix of self initiated projects and commissions. Studio EO have works represented at Galerie kreo and works with various of clients internationally.”