Not all of us are crafty enough to design and build miniature architecture, but luckily kits are available that make the process easy as can be. If you can put a puzzle together, you can assemble a tiny model of a building. On Kickstarter, a new campaign called “Tiny Treehouses” offers DIY flat-pack timber model kits for two to six spectacularly detailed structures that can perch in houseplants, sit flat on a table, or hang from the ceiling.

A Pagoda-style DIY tiny treehouse, available for purchase on Kickstarter.

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The way these tiny treehouses interact with houseplants is similar to the work of artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz, who selects potted plants and bonsai with shapes that mimic real trees and builds adorable, realistic mini treehouses around them. Voltz’s work is definitely on another level, and these flat-pack kits can’t be customized to your plants in quite the same way, but you can still achieve a similar effect.

The model kits come in a range of difficulty levels, some bearing dozens of intricate pieces. The easiest models are rated 3/5 for difficulty, while the ornate six-story “Temple of Supreme Serenity” is a full-on 5/5. It takes two to four hours for the average person to assemble one miniature structure, with minimal glueing required. The styles include several beautiful temples, multi-level pagodas, a dangling lantern-style treehouse, and a more conventional rustic treehouse. Even better, more designs will be unlocked as the campaign meets future stretch goals.

Person puts together a tiny DIY treehouse of their own using a Kickstarter kit.

This tiny DIY treehouse hangs from an indoor houseplant like a delicate lantern.

This tiny DIY treehouse peeks gracefully out of a living-area planter.

As if these tiny treehouses weren't already adorable enough, they all come complete with mini furniture pieces inside!

Speaking of lanterns, here’s one of the coolest things about these mini flat-pack treehouse kits. Each model comes with LED lights and batteries so you can turn the tiny treehouses into softly glowing lamps, illuminating their interiors so all the details are visible in the dark. Models like “Tropical Lookout” and “Home Base” even have minuscule furniture arranged inside, including couches, dining sets, and beds small enough for ants to lounge on.

If you want to work on these models with kids without worrying about losing all the small parts, the creators just released the option of choosing larger versions of each treehouse, which makes them a lot easier to build. The regularly sized models will sell for about $45 each, and the scaled-up versions will cost an extra $14. The Kickstarter campaign ends Thursday, October 15th, and they’ll likely be available for retail sale at some point in the near future.

Instructions of assembling the

“Ever since I was little I loved arts and crafts, and now design has become a key tool for my self expression,” says creator Lars. “I love the problem solving, being hands on, and the way I get to manifest my own reality. My goal in life is to bring a bit of joy and happiness to the world, and to empower creativity in others. But really, I just love creating awesome stuff! Honestly, designing a product and bringing it into market has been a huge ambition of mine since I was young. If you back this project, you are helping me achieve a very big dream!”

A tiny DIY treehouse glows softly in the evening.

Close-up aerial view inside one of the tiny DIY treehouses.

If you love the idea of building architectural models but your tastes are more modern, there are plenty of other kits available for you, too. Just check out these mini modern “dollhouses” by toymaker BrincaDADA!