adjusting candle holder
There are thousands of candle holders out there, but there probably aren’t any like Odnosvechnik. Russian designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov based the design on a traditional candle holder found in Yakutian homes.
The candle holder has a channel and three small notches in its marble base. The candle sits on a small wooden platform with a peg that protrudes from the central channel.
When you light the candle, it naturally gets smaller as it burns. But the Odnosvechnik lets you keep the flame at the same level all night by moving the wooden platform up as it burns down.

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The simple design is rather brilliant in its execution. Similar tall candle holders make it difficult to light the candle and keep it from going out as it burns down, but with one intelligent tweak the Odnosvechnik design keeps the light burning at maximum brightness all night.