Shopping for all-gender clothing in Shanghai is out of this world. Chinese branding agency Leaping Creative has transformed a massive commercial space into an interactive spaceship-themed experience for the inclusive Chinese clothing brand Bosie. Set along Shanghai’s stylish Huaihai Road, which is also home to such luxury brands as Louis Vuitton and Hermès, the new flagship store radically departs from its more traditional neighbors. In fact, the central theme of the 21,500-square-foot space is a narrative that Bosie is an intelligent species that landed on the tree-lined avenue to offer enlightenment.

Small spaceship inside Bosie's retro-futuristic new store in Shanghai.

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Founded in 2018, Bosie is a Gen Z-oriented brand aimed at “constantly exploring fashion that is suitable for both men and women. Through retro childlike fun and unique products, we can break the shackles and boundaries and show the innocence, seriousness, freedom, and romance of adults.” The Huaihai Road store is their 27th retail location and the fifth to be designed by Leaping Creative, but it’s certainly the most noteworthy of them all.

Leaping Creative's retro-futuristic store design for Bosie's flagship store in Shanghai.

“The retail trend in China nowadays is day by day focusing on offering an exciting and fresh shopping experience. By working closely with the brand founder, we approached the design by defining the actual customer expectations for a shopping destination,” adds Zen Zheng, the Design Director of Leaping Creative.

Person is scanned by an interactive terminal in Bosie's spaceship-like Shanghai store.

The sleek Jetsons-like interior of Bosie's spaceship-like retail store in Shanghai.

The sleek Jetsons-like interior of Bosie's spaceship-like retail store in Shanghai.

The sleek Jetsons-like interior of Bosie's spaceship-like retail store in Shanghai.

And what is it that Gen Z wants? Novel experiences that take you on a journey. Bosie isn’t just a clothing store — it’s also a supermarket, ice cream café, pet supply store, and multimedia museum. The clothing isn’t categorized by gender or even type of garment. The displays are a lot more fluid than that, following particular moods and themes. As shoppers wind their way through the new flagship location, they’ll find a Jetsons-like setting designed to make them feel like they’re traveling through space and time.

Capsule-like fitting rooms in Bosie's spaceship-themed Shanghai retail store.

Futurisitic café in Bosie's spaceship-themed Shanghai retail store.

The design embraces a slightly retro-futuristic vision of space travel. Reflective stainless steel sheets and lots of glass frame minimalist clothing displays and oversized decor, including an installation resembling a rocket engine. At the entrance, two semicircular glass elevator shafts have been modified into floor-to-ceiling LCD screens playing Bosie lifestyle content to draw passersby inside. A set of spiral stairs shaped like a UFO lead to the escalators. Conveyor belts, capsule-shaped fitting rooms labeled “no gender border,” and porthole windows add to the effect.

17-foot-long fiberglass goose, the Bosie brand mascot.

Even the restrooms, water dispenser, and vending machines look like they came from a 1970s sci-fi movie. Upstairs, the Bosie brand mascot, a goose, is reinvented as a 17-foot-long fiberglass machine. There’s a pet hotel so shoppers can drop off or interact with dogs and cats, and a photo booth labeled “Time Machine.”

Exterior view of Bosie's new store on Shanghai's Huaihai Road.

The mannequins don astronaut helmets, and accessories are displayed in a high-tech laboratory-style environment. All of these elements come together to produce exactly the kind of space young people flock to for TikTok content, drawing even more attention to Bosie, which is quickly becoming a cult favorite. It’s a great example of what we can expect to see from retail design over the next decade as more brands embrace the idea of shopping as an interactive experience.