hanging book rack 1

Finding unique ways to display a book collection is as much a hobby for some bookworms as building that stellar library. The gorgeous Hanging Book Rack from Etsy seller OldAndCold is a truly unusual book storage method.

hanging book rack 2

As the name implies, the rack utilizes a hanging method to store books. A wall-mounted rail holds 12 “pins” which are made of waxed cotton. At the end of each pin, a small square of wood supports the bottom of the book.

hanging book rack 3

The pins can also be used as bookmarks; you just slip the string into the pages to hold your place as it hangs until the next time you take it down to indulge in some reading.

hanging book rack 4

The rack is a true thing of beauty when full of hanging books. According to the maker and to users, the unique storage method causes no damage or unusual wear to the books. The Hanging Book Rack is available in the original 12-pin style for $210 (US) or in the mini version with six pins for $110. As if you needed any more convincing to buy one of these beauties, the makers plant a tree for every rack sold.