walk around bookmark

What are bookmarks these days? They have changed meaning online via websites and browsers. This fashionably minimalist strap takes them back into the ‘real world’ of offline reading.

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DDP Studio decided to make a kind of Google Chrome toolbar for physical books and magazines that deals with how to bookmark your page and then walk around with a favorite volume as well (hence the ‘social’ aspect – stepping out of the house with a book).

walk around bookmark in use

To be fair, it is a bit more difficult to share these favorites with friends, sync them with your digital devices, or find a free version … but for those of us hold-outs who still like to have a book in hand now and again, it does make light reads a little more mobile.

Portable tab style bookmark

A book on a shoulder strap: a bag that shows a different cover for every new read, revealing something about its owner. Simple and innovative, it can carry books, workbooks, pads and especially guidebooks. It allows the user to keep books close at hand; it has that invaluable hands free element and good news is you will never lose the book and it saves the page you are reading.”

walk around bookmark ddp

About DDP Studio:

“Lorenzo De Bartolomeis, Gabriele Diamanti and Filippo Poli, are  three freelancers collaborating under ddpstudio brand since 2009. They come from different backgrounds (architecture, design, landscape, graphic), trying to put them together in a comprehensive poetic that fully involves the design world.”

walk around bookmark concept sketch

“In the first year of collaboration they won the Milan Public Design Festival with the installation Bevetene Tutti; they became creative directors of the new brand Almove, designing the brand itself and the products.
In 2011 they started to collaborate with Ferrari Store, designing temporary installations on several occasions in Italy and around the world.
Ddpstudio is in charge for the restyling of Elmec corporate identity, from the brand to the fair stands. They are also involved architecture and interior projects and have been invited and awarded in architecture and design competitions.”