Distant stars? Glittering jewels? A new series of blown-glass lighting by BOMMA looks like all of the above, taking ancient traditions and refining them into stunning modern installations. Based in the Czech Republic, the glass lighting manufacturer presents 17 lighting collections, five of which can be arranged into ethereal constellations: “Metamorphosis,” “Pyrite,” “Dark & Bright Star,” “Lens,” and “Soap Mini.” Each seemingly small lighted object can be a unique sculptural object on its own, but put them together and you can create cascading, undulating displays that dazzle onlookers.

Sculptural lighting from BOMMA hangs above a contemporary dining space.

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Every piece by BOMMA is handcrafted to preserve the company’s long history of superior craftsmanship. “Every manager says they are proud of their team, and all glassmaking is fascinating to watch,” says BOMMA owner Martin Wichterle. “But seeing our craftsmen handle oversized pieces of cut glass with extreme precision is an otherworldly experience. You never get used to it.”

BOMMA sculptural lighting piece is hand blown by a craftsman.

BOMMA invited artists, designers, and architects to take their five modular shapes and transform them into spectacular grouped creations, and now they’re sharing the results.

Dechem Studio crafted this multi-pendant centerpiece using BOMMA's Dark & Bright Star collection.

Dechem Studio crafted a multi-pendant centerpiece using the Dark & Bright Star collection. Within smoked and frosted white glass vessels, a light source shines in the shape of a crystal star. The designers alternated the colors as two interlocking spirals spilling down the center of a white spiral staircase.

Dechem Studio created two unique ceiling arrangements using BOMMA's

Dechem Studio also came up with two arrangements for the Pyrite collection, which is itself inspired by the famous “fool’s gold” stone. The golden version of the Pyrite light is in the shape of a perfect cube, and the silver version takes inspiration from salt crystals. The designers envisioned one installation as a series of swags reminiscent of a layered necklace, while another tightly groups the lights together in the shape of a larger shard.

 Designer Oto Svoboda created this crystal canopy from fixtures in BOMMA's

The Soap Mini collection features glass blown into teardrop shapes without the use of a mold to mimic the appearance of soap bubbles glistening in shades of silver, gold, and blue. Designer Oto Svoboda put that iridescent quality to work, turning 1,070 frosted droplets together to form a sort of crystal canopy.

BOMMA's sculptural

The Lens collection plays with the way lenses refract and reflect light, in this case pairing two lenses into a single object to multiply the illumination of the bulb within. Since these pieces are hand-painted, they can be made into any desired color. Studio deFORM took 16 Lens lights in amber glass and suspended them from a living room ceiling to create a dual-purpose chandelier and sculpture.

Lighting fixtures from BOMMA's sculptural Metamorphosis collection.

The Metamorphosis collection draws its inspiration from the scales of snakeskin and gothic arches. Produced as a collaboration with designer Rony Plesl, it comes in shades of amber, frosted white, and pearlescent gray.

BOMMA's Stellar Dust customized collection hangs on the ceiling of J&T bank's entrance hall in Prague.

BOMMA also collaborated with Studio deFORM and CMC architects to produce the Stellar Dust customized collection, which pairs 727 mouth-blown crystal droplets with 2,476 additional glass components to create an installation for the ceiling of J&T bank’s entrance hall in Prague.

What would you create if you had access to these gorgeous customizable lighting elements?