bomb proof wallpaper design

So you have built your backyard bomb shelter, but what to hang on the walls? From areas with dangerous natural disasters to full-on war zones, everyone building in the heat of battle (or just identifying as preppers) could likely use a layer of X-Flex.

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As the video below demonstrates, a single sheet is sufficient to keep a wrecking ball from knocking down a concrete block wall. And for the paranoid homeowner: yes, they are even developing a standard commercial version for ordinary citizens.

bomb proof wallpaper

However, this was initially developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for military and other lifesaving purposes abroad. The idea is simple: take rolls of this wallpaper into occupied areas or contested zones, unroll it and stick it on the existing wall. In the event of an explosion, debris is caught within the strong kevlar-sandwiched elastic surface and the tightly-bonded material can even help hold the sides and structure of a building together.


“X-FLEX is made up of a Kevlar-like composite material sandwiched between polymer sheets. Peeling it off its back and sticking it to the wall, it reinforces the surface, making it explosion proof. When an appropriately volatile blast rockets concussive force into the surface of your brickwork, the wallpaper holds it in place, keeping it intact and preventing it from spraying shrapnel off the other side.”

“The video above is a demonstration that Popular Science did of the X-FLEX’s capability. They swung a huge wrecking ball against a brick wall. What’s astonishing isn’t that the X-FLEX works, but that it seems to be stronger than a brick wall itself.”

“This really isn’t a product aimed at home users, obviously: it’s for plastering the walls of the White House or military bunker, less to keep the walls up than to prevent them from turning into shrapnel that can do serious harm. But who wouldn’t want their home to be covered in this stuff? I’ve always wanted a nigh-indestructible apartment.”